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Thought Leadership on the Future of Work

As preparations for the Future of Work Summit continue, we will be sharing key reports and articles that are evalualting and, often times, challenigng traditional concepts of community and workforce development.  Suggestions for additional reports are always welcome.  Please make referrals to:  

Fair Shake Commission on Inequality in California

The Fair Shake Commission was created by Tom Steyer to find ways to address the growing economic inequality in our state, and to help ensure the dream of entering or staying in the middle class remains a reality for all Californians.  Key findings from the 2017 report include:  Too many people are left out of the modern economy; a robust public sector is vital for a robust private sector; targeted investments are needed to expand opportunity to strengthen and grow the middle class; and an engaged and empowered citizenry and an inclusive government.  Following the analysis, the report makes recommendations for addressing the state's inequality, as it proposed methods for suporting upward mobility.

Public Policy and Investments in Quality Jobs

This report, by Pacific Community Ventures, explores the potential for smart, targeted public policies to encourage private sector investments in quality job creation. The research expands upon an earlir report on the impact of the federal Community Development Financial Institutions and seeks to answer a broader set of economic and comunity develpment questions: how can policy direct more capital (primarily private, but also public) toward quality job-creating businesses? Which existing federal programs and regulations already facilitate investments that lead to quality job creation? And how could these policies be altered most effectively to encourage the creation of more—and higher quality—jobs?

Boardroom Diversity:  Why it Matters

This 2013 legal article, Mr. Lawrence Trautman, past president of the New York and Metropolitan Washington/Baltimore Chapters of the National Association of Corporate Directors, addresses several core questions related to good corportate governance.  Key questions include:  What exactly is board diversity and why does it matter? How does diversity fit in an attempt to build the best board for an organization? What attributes and skills are required by law and what mix of experiences and talents provide the best corporate governance?  Among other interviews and research discussed, Mr. Trautman assesses the different roles diversity may play within a board and a board's need for a range of specific talents in order to meet its fiduciary duties.

Diversity Matters

McKinsey's 2015 article on Board Diversity, Why Diversity Matters, summaries findings from thier report, Diversity Matters, which found that gender-diverse companies out perform the national median performance by 15% and ethnitically-diverse companies outperform the national median by 25%.   "Our latest research finds that companies in the top quartile for gender or racial and ethnic diversity are more likely to have financial returns above their national industry medians.  Companies in the bottom quartile in these demensions are stastically less likely to achieve above-average returns. And diversity is probubly a competitive differentiator that shifts market share toward more diverse companies over time."  

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