2015-16 Oversight and Informational Hearings

"Oversight of the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development"

The Committee held hearings on March 15 and August 9, 2016.  To review the programs and activities of the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development.  These hearings were the culmination of months of research and stakeholder discussions.  Below is information from the hearings.  March 15, 2016, Hearing Agenda     August 9, 2016 Hearing Agenda     Collaborative Oversight Framework  Link to Nine Program Workbooks   Link to GO-Biz Related Reports  Additional background from these activities is contained on a separate webpage, which can be reached through this link.

"Methods of Review for Economic Development Activities"

The Committee held this hearing on March 1, 2016, in Sacramento, California.  This hearing was held in preparation for the oversight hearing on GO-Biz programs and services.  The focus of the hearing was to examine best practices of program reviews and to hear stakeholder perspectives on the range of programs and services available to support economic, business, and community development in California. 

Hearing Agenda    Hearing Background Report    Background Report Appendices    Witness Biographies

"Building an Inclusive Economy: The State's Role in Closing California's Opportunity Gap"

The Committee held this hearing on Thursday, November 12, 2015 in Ontario, California.  

California's record setting economic growth since the financial crisis and subsequent recession has been widely reported.  Unfortunately, the recovery has not yet reached all regions.  While state unemployment in September 2015 was 5.5%, 14 of the state's 58 counties continued to report unemployment levels above 7%.  These inequities will only increase unless California sets an all-inclusive prosperity agenda .  In today's hearing, the Members of the Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy (JEDE) will be briefed on strategies for supporting the entrepreneurial business environment, stabilizing communities, and developing career ladders that provide for wage growth and long-term household security. 

This hearing was held in collaboration with the 2015 California Economic Summit and served as a follow-up to two JEDE oversight hearings on the California economy and related state programs (February and March of 2015). We have requested to have the recorded hearing available to public by January 5, 2015.  Please contact the committee for more information about accessing the recording. 

Hearing Agenda       Hearing Background Report    California Demographic Profile    Witness Biographies

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