April 2 Small Business Rountable

Materials from the April 2, 2020, Conference Call

During the course of the conference call we will be referring to documents and links on this page and the JEDE COVID-19 Resource Page.

The April 2, 2020, agenda and meeting summary are in included within this PowerPoint.  The primary topics are related to the California's response to the coronavirus and COVID-19 epidemic.  These issues include:

  • What is the state's current technical assistance capacity to meet the needs of small businesses, workers, communities, and other economic development stakeholders?

  • What impact will the CARES Act have on technical assistance and program funding capacity?

  • What strategies are being deployed to ensure all areas of the state and population groups are being service?

  • Who is tracking and/or involved in delivering CARES Act funding and programs?

  • Who is working on recovery strategies and what ideas are being discussed?

  • How can the small business and economic and workforce development community remain connected? 

**Special thanks to CAMEO for hosting the conference call on their ZOOM system.

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