August 2022 Stakeholder Economic Recovery Roundtable

For the 2022 series of meetings, these monthly roundtables are being renamed the Stakeholder Economic Recovery Roundtables to reflect the expanding scope of the discussions. During the course of the online meeting we will be referring to documents and links on this page and the JEDE COVID-19 Resource Page.

The August 19, 2022, agenda and background materials are included within this slide deck.  The primary discussion topics are related to the California's economic response to and recovery from the coronavirus and COVID-19 epidemic.    

We will be building upon these seven economic recovery issues:

  1. Most Impacted Still Face Biggest Challenges:  Data continue to suggest that workers and businesses owned by women and people of color were hardest hit during the early stages of the pandemic and continue to have the greatest challenges in accessing technical and financial assistance.

  2. With So Many Options, It Can Be Confusing:  The variety of programs make it difficult for businesses and workers to know where to start.   

  3. Complex Documentation Requirements:  Many of the state’s smallest businesses find the documentation requirements for applying for resources to be a significant barrier.

  4. Fast-Track Procurement Can Result in Less Small Business Participation:  Accessing state procurement opportunities continues to be challenging with the number of contracts being made under disaster declarations and budget exemptions increasing and the limited opportunities to hold in-person events to meet primes.   

  5. Old Problems Become Greater Challenges:  COVID-19 is amplifying old business operation challenges, including local broadband capacity, supply chain disruptions, regulatory compliance costs, barriers to financing and investment, and access to a qualified workforce. 

  6. COVID-Generated Debts are Coming Due:  In addition to addressing worker shortages, many small businesses are facing large re-payments of back rent and other deferred debts while trying to reposition themselves within evolving markets.

  7. Rising Costs and Shortages:  Evolving markets, supply chian disruptions, and higher prices for food and energy are placing increasing economic stress on COVID-impacted workers and businesses. 

Partner Presentations and Scheduled Updates

Future Meeting Schedule

The next meeting of the JEDE Roundtable is on Thursday, September 15, 2022, at 2:00 pm.

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