Business Coalition and Philanthropic Loans and Grants

In addition to federal and state programs, philanthropists, including business coalition, are developing grant and loan programs to support small businesses.

  • Business for AllHello Alice is offering $10,000 grants to small business owners impacted by coronavirus, as part of their broader mission to ensure Business for All. In addition to funding, grant recipients will receive ongoing support from the Hello Alice community. The website states that Hello Alice recognizes that there is currently more applications than funding, but encourages businesses to continue to apply, as they are reviewing applications and disbursing funding on a rolling basis. 

  • LA COVID-19 Regional Recovery Fund:  LISC LA has partnered with the County and City of Los Angeles along with other philanthropic partners to oversee and manage the new LA COVID-19 Regional Recovery Fund. The regional Fund will support a new wave of relief and recovery tools for small businesses, non-profits providing essential services, and immigrant-owned enterprises. The first phase of the program includes a $3 million grant fund for microenterprises, small businesses and nonprofits.  LISC has also established its own multi-million-dollar Rapid Relief and Recovery Fund, providing grants ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 for small businesses nationwide. LISC reports that it has also raised millions in donations from corporate partners like Verizon and Sam’s Club, and is an SBA lender providing both technical assistance and PPP lending to small businesses and nonprofits.

  • SMUD Shine Awards:  The Sacramento Municiple Utility District (SMUD) is administering a competitive grant program, Shine Awards, which offers grants from $5,000 to $100,000. Any nonprofit organization [501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6)] within SMUD’s service territory is eligible to apply. Shine awards are available at three funding levels: Spark (up to $10,000), Amplifier (up to $50,000) and Transformer (up to $100,000). Applications will be accepted through Monday, July 27, 2020.

Databases of Grants

In addition, the California State Treasurer is maintaining a list of financial resources for small businesses through a GoogleDoc.  As of June 4, 2020, there were over 20 loan and grant programs listed under the categories of nonprofits and private.

Small Business Majority is also hosting and updating a list of loans and grants available to small businesses in California.

The JEDE Committee is interested in highlighting other financial programs for small businesses.  Please send recommendations for this webpage to


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