Small Business Rountable April 2, 2020, Convening

During the course of the conference call we will be referring to documents and links on this page and the JEDE COVID-19 Resource Page.

The April 2, 2020, agenda and meeting summary are in included within this PowerPoint.  The primary topics are related to the California's response to the coronavirus and COVID-19 epidemic.  These issues include:

  • What is the state's current technical assistance capacity to meet the needs of small businesses, workers, communities, and other economic development stakeholders?

  • What impact will the CARES Act have on technical assistance and program funding capacity?

  • What strategies are being deployed to ensure all areas of the state and population groups are being service?

  • Who is tracking and/or involved in delivering CARES Act funding and programs?

  • Who is working on recovery strategies and what ideas are being discussed?

  • How can the small business and economic and workforce development community remain connected? 

**Special thanks to CAMEO for hosting the conference call on their ZOOM system.

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