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The JEDE Website offers a full range of information related to the California economy and state activities related to economic development including international trade, capital formation, and small businesses and disabled veteran-owned business enterprises.

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Below is information on committee hearings which are reflected in the current Assembly File.

Supporting a Just Transition to a Lower Carbon Economy (Joint Hearing)

The Assembly Committee on Jobs, in collaboration with the Joint Legislative Committee on Climate Change Policies, is holding an informational hearing to examine current and and discuss future state actions which may be necessary to support a just transition to a lower carbon economy.  In contrast to other state policies, successfully addressing climate change requires nothing less than a comprehensive transition of the economy, its industry, and its workforce. 

During the hearing, Members will be briefed on the industry innovations already being undertaken, the challenges of stranded assets and dislocated workers, the risks of exacerbating income inequality within already vulnerable populations, and needed workforce training and capital investments.  A particular focus is being placed on business and workforce development models that support or could support an inclusive transition.  Information from the hearing will form a foundation from which the committees will propose Legislative and Administrative actions.

Agenda     Briefing Memorandum  (available by August 24, 2017)    

Committee Hearings

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Joint Hearing
Joint Legislative Committee On
Climate Change Policies
Jobs, Economic Development, And The Economy

1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. - State Capitol, Room 444
Listen to this hearing )
Committees: Joint Legislative Committee on Climate Change Policies, Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy

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