Background Materials for JEDE's Joint Informational Hearing on SSBCI and Inclusive Economic Growth


This page was developed to assist Assembly Members and the public prepare for the March 29, 2022, informational hearing, "State Small Business Credit Initiative and Inclusive Economic Growth." 

The Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy (JEDE) and the Assembly Budget Subcommittee 4 on State Administration are convening a joint informational hearing examining the state's use of $1.18 billion in federal State Small Business Credit Initiative funding. 

Information and recommendations received during the hearing will serve as a foundation for oversight and evaluation of state programs, legislative proposals, and budget items in the coming Session.   Return to the main launch page for the 2021-22 Session

Viewing the Hearing

The public is encouraged to watch the hearing at Today's Events | Assembly Internet (

Public Testimony

Stakeholders and other members of the public may testify in person or by calling a toll-free number.  Agenda Item V - Public Comment is scheduled to start at approximately 3:05 pm. 

The toll-free call-in number for this hearing is (877) 692-8957 and the access code is 131 54 37.  

The Committees will be accepting written testimony through April 15, 2022.  Written public comment may be submitted through and

Finding Information on the Green Side Bar

Visitors to this web briefing have many options for "clicking through" the information.  In the green box on the top right, there are a number of options for learning more about our hearing on inclusive economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic-induced recession.  The first two tabs, "1 - General Background" and "2 - Hearing Overview" present basic information about the hearing, including how to view the hearing and call-in for public comment. 

Information under the 3 tab, provides an overview of California's $3.1 trillion economy, including a link to a "Fast Facts on the California Economy." Under tab 4, lies a discussion and data on how small businesses drive the state economy, as well as a linked-page to information on women- and minority-owned businesses.

Tab 5 - Reports includes a summary of reports and surveys which have formed the basis of the hearing and that provide thoughtful perspectives on the impact of and possible responses to the pandemic and how to undertake a more inclusive economic recovery.  Related legislation from the 2021-22 session is listed under Tab 6.

The next tab, "7 - State Small Business Credit Initiative," includes information and links to the US Treasury, the IBank, and CPCFA.  Tab "8 - Small Business and Economic Development Proposals in the Budget", provides more detailed programmatic information on the Governor's proposed budget for 2022-23.  

Written testimony from stakeholders and other members of the public may be accessed through "9 - Public Testimony." The Committees will be accepting written testimony through April 15, 2022.


The JEDE Committee thanks those that have contributed to this web briefing: The Speaker's Office for encouraging this endeavor; Sohrab Mansourian with the Assembly Rules Committee for coordinating the communication technologies; Karlin Lindsay for video availability; Justin Daly for call-in support; and the intrepid Budget Sub 4 and JEDE staff for tackling this project - Genevieve Morelos with Assembly Budget Committee; JEDE staff members Jodi deVries; Vanessa Orozco, and Toni Symonds. 

Please note that this website is a product of the JEDE Committee.  Any errors or omissions are ours alone.

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