JEDE COVID-19 Update for April 7, 2020


*The specific rules relating to funding and programs available to small businesses, including independent contractors, through the CARES Act are beginning to become publicly available.  As information becomes available, JEDE will post.  Thank you to everyone who is sharing links to good resources.

  • Letter Calling for Eviction Moratorium on Commercial Property:  Thirty-three Members of the California Legislature submitted a letter to Governor Newsom calling for a statewide eviction moratorium on commercial properties for small businesses and nonprofits.  The letter also calls for providing help to small businesses and nonprofits with the loan process and ensuring that financial relief is promptly distributed. This letter is a coordinated effort with California small business associations and nonprofits.

  • Federal Reserve to Help PPP:  To facilitate lending to small businesses via the Small Business Administration's Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), the Federal Reserve will establish a facility to provide term financing backed by PPP loans. Additional details will be announced this week.

  • State Launches Webpage to Obtain More Medical Supplies:  Governor Newsom launched a webpage on April 4 to streamline the state’s access to critical medical supplies.  The website can be used for both making donations and offering critical medical supplies for purchase.



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