JEDE COVID-19 Update for March 27, 2020


  • California State Budget Update:  The California Association of Realtors reports that Gov. Newsom announced that “he has shelved his initial budget plan and will pursue a “workload” budget. The stripped-down spending plan will work as a stopgap, as the economy weathers the COVID-19 crisis, and will allow California to meet its constitutional deadline for passing a budget. 

    • Newsom’s Department of Finance sent letters to the Legislature and to government agency secretaries advising them that the normal schedule for state budgeting is on hold and that the goals the governor described in January are up for renegotiation.

    • The letter to the agency secretaries and department directors warned them that they “should have no expectation of full funding for either new or existing proposals and adjustments. The only exception to this new evaluation criteria will be proposals or adjustments necessary to support the emergency response to COVID-19. New requests, which fall outside these parameters, will not be reviewed.”

  • Phase III of Federal Disaster Assistance:  The San Diego Regional Chamber prepared one the best summaries of the pending federal bill - S. 3458/H.R 748 The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (The CARES Act).  It is accurate, according to the website, as of 10:00 am today (March 26).

  • Federal Defense Production Act Invoked:  On Friday (March 27), President Trump deployed the government’s powers to compel General Motors to make ventilators needed to help healthcare providers treat patients with coronavirus, as the number of US cases continues to grow. 

  • Renter Protections Ordered:  On Friday (March 27) Governor Newsom issued an executive order prohibiting evictions of residential tenant for nonpayment of rent as the result of lost income due to the coronavirus.

  • California is Buying:  Businesses that would like to offer a product or service that can help during the COVID-19 emergency can use the GO-Biz Service Desk to identify next steps: 

  • Guidance on Payroll Tax Credits:  The Department of Labor release new guidance on the two new tax credits for small and medium businesses.

  • Federal Regulators and Small Dollar Loans:  Five federal financial regulatory agencies issued a joint statement encouraging banks, savings associations and credit unions to offer responsible small-dollar loans to consumers and small businesses in response to COVID-19.

    • The statement of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, National Credit Union Administration, and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency recognizes that responsible small-dollar loans can play an important role in meeting customers' credit needs because of temporary cash-flow imbalances, unexpected expenses, or income disruptions during periods of economic stress or disaster recoveries. Such loans can be offered through a variety of structures including open-end lines of credit, closed-end installment loans, or appropriately structured single payment loans.

    • In addition to today's statement, the agencies are working on future guidance and lending principles for responsible small-dollar loans to facilitate the ability of banks, credit unions, and saving associations to more effectively meet the ongoing credit needs of their customers, members, and communities.

  • US Navy Hospital Ship Arrives:  The Port of Los Angels (POLA) welcomes the USNS Mercy’ to the  Port of Los Angeles.

    • The Navy hospital ship with 1,000 beds will be used for non-coronavirus patients in Southern California, to help relieve the strain on inland hospitals treating COVID-19 individuals.

    • The Mercy will not be accessible to the public and persons in need of medical care should seek medical attention per the direction of public health advisories.

    • In order to prepare for the ship’s arrival, POLA coordinated with Navy and FEMA officials.

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