Small Business Roundtable April 30, 2020, Convening

During the course of the conference call we will be referring to documents and links on this page and the JEDE COVID-19 Resource Page.

The April 30, 2020, agenda is included within this PowerPoint.  The primary topics are related to the California's response to the coronavirus and COVID-19 epidemic.  These issues include:

  1. Strategies for Economic Recovery

  2. Significant Issues Facing Small Businesses

  3. Service and Program Delivery Challenges in Meeting Small Business Needs  

  4. COVID-19 Legislation and Budget Proposals

Partner Links Used in the Meeting:

  • The Small Business Advocate's web-page is a great jumping-off place for finding the right resources.

  • JEDE is tracking webinars and posting them in the JEDE COVID-19 Update.  If you have webinars you would like included, please email Ben at before 11:00 am in order to be listed in the next day's update.

  • CALED is developing a platform geared toward economic developers.  CALED is also looking for best practices, which can be shared with other areas of the state.  If you would like to contribute, is interested in hearing from you.

Recovery Strategies:

  • Small Business Majority has published the California Policy Agenda to address COVID-19, which includes recommendations for state, federal, and local officials.  This includes, among other recommendations:  ensuring access to continued and new forms of credit, providing immediate cash flow and small business resources, and ensuring fair and open markets.

  • REDF, a nonprofit advocating on issues relating to employment social enterprise, has published its COVID-19 policy recommendations.  These include, among other recommendations, increased income support for households, guarantees for state contractors, and deferral of business taxes.

  • The Economic Innovation Group has published a COVID-19 proposal focused on lower income communities, including those federally-designated as Opportunity Zones.


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