Economic Recovery Strategies

Small businesses are experiencing significant revenue losses due to the extraordinary measures the state is taking to protect the health and safety of its residents during coronavirus emergency.  With small businesses employing nearly half of all workers in the state and providing an important source of revenue to local communities and the state government, addressing their challenges is central to the state’s economic resiliency.

California's 2020-21 budget recognizes the importance of small businesses by both retaining January funding priorities and adding to small business financial resources.  JEDE prepared a 2020-21 Budget Summary document highlighting key features impacting economic development and small businesses.

As the California Legislature prepares to adopt a 2021-22 budget, small businesses are again a high priority.  Based on the January release of the Governor's proposed budget, JEDE prepared a 2021-22 Budget Summary of the key features impacting economic development and small businesses. 

California benefits from a robust group of nonprofit organizations who have missions to serve the needs of small businesses.  These organizations range from think tanks, to business owner advocacy groups, to technical assistance providers.  This webpage is committed to bringing these voices forward at let them speak for themselves. 

Hot Issues

As with any such endeavor, the JEDE webpage can present only known proposals from California's small business and economic development community.  If you would like to have your organization's recovery strategy included, please contact the JEDE Committee at and share a weblink to your document.

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