Briefing on California's Innovation Economy


Welcome to the web briefing on the role of innovation within the California economy. 

The materials were initially developed for a 2012 joint legislative hearing on "The Role of Innovation in California's Post-Recession Economy"   by the Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy; the Assembly Select Committee on High Technology; and the Assembly Select Committee on Government Efficiency, Technology and Innovation.

Finding Information

Visitors to this web briefing have many options for "clicking through" the information.  In the green box on the top right, there are six options for learning more about the role innovation plays within the California economy.  The first tab, "General Background" presents the basic information on innovation and the second tab links to "Fast Facts about California's innovation-based Economy."  In tab three, "Key Concepts," the information on innovation becomes more detailed with briefings on innovation topics such as K-12 education and the role of the university system.  Tab four, "Manufacturing," includes information on the significance of manufacturing to the state's innovation capacity.

The last two tabs, "Related Legislation" and "Reports," highlight a few key items and then provide expanded summaries of related legislation from the past three legislative sessions and research on innovation.    


The JEDE Committee thanks those that have contributed to this web briefing: Our great summer interns - Saundra Dacre, Nathan Little, and Lily Zhu; the Speaker's Office for encouraging this endeavor; the Assembly Rules Committee Bruce Reynolds; the Legislative Data Center's Michael Begley; and the intrepid JEDE staff for tackling this project - Natalee Vicencia, Committee Secretary, Amy Wilson, Communications Director, Oracio Gonzalez, Legislative Director, Mercedes Flores, Committee Consultant, and Toni Symonds, Chief Consultant and web master. 

Please note that this website is a product of the JEDE Committee. We thank the Assembly Select Committee on High Technology and the Assembly Select Committee on Government Efficiency, Technology and Innovation for allowing us this opportunity to explore a new platform for briefing the Members and the public.  Any errors or omissions are ours alone.

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