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Oversight Hearing on Programs of the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development

In August 2016, the Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy held the second in a two-part series of hearings on the programs and services offered through the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz).     These hearings represented the first comprehensive reive of GO-Biz since its establishment through the enactment of AB 29 (John A. Perez), Chapter 475, Statutes of 2011.  Available hearing materials are posted below.

Part I - Background on the March 15, 2016 Hearing: Hearing Agenda     Biographies of Witnesses

Part II - Background on August 9, 2016 Hearing:  Hearing Agenda    Collaborative Oversight Framework   Biographies of Witnesses

Program Workbooks

The Workbook format was developed to assist Committee Members, GO-Biz, stakeholders, and other members of the public to conveniently review information about GO-Biz and the programs they manage and oversee.  Each Workbook includes a narrative about the program, a breakdown of existing law, program highlights, and program accomplishments.  There is also a subsection on potential issues Members may wish explore during the course of the hearing.  The final material in the Workbook is a copy of related statutes.

The Nine Program Workbooks:    Workbook 1 - GO-Biz Structure and Organization     Workbook 2 - California Business Investment Services

Workbook 3 - California Competes Tax Credit      Workbook 4 - California Small Business Finance Center     Workbook 5 - California Innovation Initiatives

Workbook 6 - International Trade and Investment      Workbook 7 - Permit Assistance Unit        Workbook 8 - Office of the Small Business Advocate

Workbook 9 - ZEV Infrastructure Unit


The Appendices document includes GO-Biz' Response to JEDE Questions, as well as general background on the California economy, small businesses, and a summary of key reports. 

Oversight Hearing Organization 

Although many of GO-Biz programs and services are highly integrated, for the purpose of structuring the hearing, the review is being organized around three policy areas:  Small Business, International Trade and Investment, and General Business Assistance.  Below are reports, web links, and other resources related to GO-Biz.  Report highlights are summarized in this JEDE prepared document.

Small Business Assistance including Office of the Small Business Advocate, the SBDC Access to Capital Initiative, and Small Business Finance Center

Office of the Small Business Advocate and Made in California Annual Report 2014-15  

Small Business Loan Guarantee Fundamentals     

Small Business Finance Center Annual Report 2013-14    Small Business Finance Center Annual Report 2014-15  Supplemental Budget Report on Loan Guarantee Program

International Trade and Foreign Investment including Inbound and Outbound Trade Missions, State Trade Export Promotion, and China Trade Office  

California International Trade Strategy 2013-2018   California China Trade Office 2013  California China Trade Office 2014  California China Trade Office 2015

EB5 Regional Center Survey     Web-based Tool to Identify Targeted Employment Areas

General Business Assistance including Office of Permit Assistance, California Business Investment Services, iHubs, and California Competes

Background on the Site Selection Process    Map of California's Nine Economic Regions used in GO-Biz Site Selection Process

Map of iHubs   Information on iHubs   CalGold-Web-based Permit Assistance     California Business Portal

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