GO-Biz Program Workbooks

The Workbook format was developed to assist Committee Members, GO-Biz, stakeholders, and other members of the public to conveniently review information about GO-Biz and the programs they manage and oversee.  Each Workbook includes a narrative about the program, a breakdown of existing law, program highlights, and program accomplishments.  There is also a subsection on potential issues Members may wish explore during the course of the hearing.  The final material in the Workbook is a copy of related statutes.

The Nine Program Workbooks:    Workbook 1 - GO-Biz Structure and Organization     Workbook 2 - California Business Investment Services

Workbook 3 - California Competes Tax Credit      Workbook 4 - California Small Business Finance Center     Workbook 5 - California Innovation Initiatives

Workbook 6 - International Trade and Investment      Workbook 7 - Permit Assistance Unit        Workbook 8 - Office of the Small Business Advocate

Workbook 9 - ZEV Infrastructure Unit

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