2021-22 Informational Hearings

During the 2021-22 Legislative Session the JEDE Committee heard a range of issues related to economic recovery and revitalization.  Among other activities, the committee staffed a special task force on leveraging federal, state, and local resources to meet local community needs.

Two-Year Schedule of JEDE hearings in 2021-22 - here

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Background Materials:  

February 23, 2021


The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Small Businesses

Agenda    Briefing Webpage




March 16, 2021


Inclusive Economic Recovery Priorities for 2021

Agenda    Briefing Webpage



August 18, 2021


Economic Recovery of Women- and Minority-Owned Businesses 

Agenda     Briefing Webpage


March 29, 2022


State Small Business Credit Initiative and Inclusive Economic Growth

Agenda     Briefing Webpage

Informational and Oversight Hearings and Briefings

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2021-22 Summary of Legislation

2021 JEDE COVID-19 Briefings

2021 JEDE Small Business Roundtables

2022 JEDE Inclusive Economic Recovery Roundtable

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