2013-14 Informational Hearings

During the 2013-14 Legislative Session the JEDE Committee heard a bills on a range of topics, including small business development, infrastructure development, social innovation financing, manufacturing, international trade, workforce development, and small business procurement. 

Two-Year Schedule of JEDE hearings in 2013-14 - here

Hearing Date and AgendaType of HearingAnalyses and/or other Background Materials

February 5, 2013: Overview of the California Economy

Fact Finding and Policy ReviewBriefing Memorandum, Fast Facts on California Economy, Chart on Drivers of the California Economy, LAO Presentation, UCLA Forecast Presentation, Financial Ecosystem Presentation and Global Economic Storm Presentation

November 6, 2013:

Hearing Agenda

Fact Finding and Policy ReviewBackground Report Witness Biographies

February 28, 2014

Hearing Agenda

Fact Finding and Policy ReviewPre-Hearing Report

March 18, 2014

Hearing Agenda

Fact Finding and Policy ReviewJEDE Briefing, GO-Biz International Trade and Investment Strategy

2013-14 Legislative Session Launch page

2013-14 Hearing Schedule and Background

2013-14 Summary of Legislation

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