2015-16 Informational Hearings

During the 2015-16 Legislative Session the JEDE Committee heard a range of issues related to economic recovery and revitalization.  Among other activities, the committee researched and developed materials related to leveraging federal, state, and local resources to meet local community needs.  A selection of these materials are highlighted below.

Two-Year Schedule of JEDE hearings in 2015-16 - here

Hearing Date and Agenda

Type of Hearing

Analyzes and/or other Background

Feb. 11, 2015



Overview of the California Economy. Briefing Memo, Appendix 1-Hearing Agenda; Appendix 2-Calif Economy Fast Facts; Appendix 3-Calif Ag Fast Facts; Appendix 4-Calif Small Business Fast Facts; Appendix 5-2015 ED Stakeholder Priorities; Appendix 6-Federal Funding Chart; Appendix 7-Nickelsburg PowerPoint; and Appendix 8-Witness bios

March 17, 2015



Major Economic Development Policies and Programs in 2015Full set background materials (73 pages)   

Briefing MemoAppendix 1- Agenda; Appendix 2-Fast Facts CA Economy;Appendix 3-Small Business Chart; Appendix 4-CA Economy by Industry Sector; Appendix 5-Stakeholder Priorities; Appendix 6-A Roadmap for Shared Responsibility; Appendix 7-Selection of Asm Economic Development Bills; Appendix 8-CA's 16 Innovation Hubs Summary and iHub Map; Appendix 9-Economic Trends; Appendix 10-California Competes FAQ; Appendix 11-Calendar of Economic Summit Events; Appendix 12-Career Tech Funding Streams; and Appendix 13-Biographies of Witnesses.

July 15, 2015



The State of Black Enterprises in California. This joint hearing with the Assembly Business and Professions Committee and the California Legislative Black Caucus focused on the State of Black Entrepreneurship.  Background materials: booklet and small business fact sheet.

Sept. 29, 2015


Study Tour

Study Tour of the Silicon Valley.  The Chair hosted the first in a series of study tours focused on the business development needs of technology firms.  The purpose of this line of inquiry is to determine what actions the state can reasonably take to address the economic and workforce challenges faced by one of California's most significant industry sectors. Background materials: briefing memorandum and policy framework.

Nov. 12, 2015



Building an Inclusive Economy:  The State's role in Closing the Opportunity Gap.  In this hearing, witnesses will discuss strategies for supporting the entrepreneurial business environment, stabilizing communities, and developing career ladders that provide for wage growth and long-term household security.  hearing background report  California Demographic Profile    biographies of witnesses


This hearing is being held in collaboration with the 2015 California Economic Summit.  Here is the Summit agenda and background report, A Roadmap to Shared Prosperity:  The Right Next Steps toward Sustainable Development 

March 1, 2016 Agenda


Hearing Background Memorandum   Appendices   Speaker Bios

March 15, 2016 Agenda


Program Review of the Governor's Office of Business and Economic DevelopmentSummary Related Reports  Summary of GO-Biz Programs  Additional background materials are available on the JEDE Committee "Briefings" page.

August 9, 2016 Agenda


Part Two of the Program Review of the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development.  Background materials are available on the JEDE Committee "Briefings" page.

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