Local Small Business Loan and Grant Programs

In addition to federal and state programs, many local governments are developing local grant and loan programs to support small businesses in their community.

  • El Centro Micro Loans:  The City of El Centro is providing low-interest loans up to $10,000 through a new Coronavirus Microenterprise Loan Program, which utilizes Community Development Block Grant funds. 

  • Los Angeles City and County Grants:  The County and City of Los Angeles has partnered with LA LISC and other philanthropic partners to launch the LA COVID-19 Regional Recovery Fund. The regional Fund, administered by LA LISC, will catalyze a new wave of relief and recovery tools for small businesses, non-profits providing essential services, and immigrant-owned enterprises.  The first phase of the program includes a $3 million grant fund for microenterprises, small businesses and nonprofits.  

Databases of Grants

California State Treasurer is maintaining a list of financial resources for small businesses through a GoogleDoc.  As of April 4, 2022, there were over 160 loan and grant programs listed under the categories of nonprofits and private.

Small Business Majority is also hosting and updating a list of loans and grants available to small businesses in California.

The JEDE Committee is interested in highlighting other local financial programs for small businesses.  Please send recommendations for this webpage to ajed@asm.ca.gov.

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